Le document

Listen to the document three times.

Les éléments pour le compte rendu

First Listening
Identify the speakers
Number of speakers

Identify the subject
Australia for visitors.
Second Listening
Pick out the key elements for the first three columns:
Activities/ Actions
a stranger
show many things
love the beach + sport
watch football
visit beaches
enjoy barbecue
cook meals (meat + seafood)
tell stories + jokes
meet friends + family
Melbourne, Sydney + Brisbane
each city

Third Listening
Pay attention to the details about each place:
  • big country
  • a lot of travelling
  • major cities, Eastern coast
  • beautiful beaches
  • always sunny
  • well known
  • Olympics 2000
  • Sydney Opera House + Harbour Bridge
  • mix of cultures + food
  • largest stadiums, parks + old buildings
  • different styles of music
A young Australian talks about his country. As it is very big, you have to travel a lot between cities. He thinks it is particularly important to see three cities on the Eastern coast: Brisbane for its beautiful beaches and sunshine; Sydney because of the 2,OOO Olympics and its world-famous monuments; and Melbourne for its cultures, foods, stadiums, parks and old buildings. He explains that each city has a different style of music. For a visitor to Sydney, it is important to see a football match, visit beaches and enjoy barbecues. The Australians like barbecues in the summer: they tell stories and jokes with their family and friends.
If I could introduce a stranger to Australia, I would love to show them many things. Australia is a very big country and getting to all the cities and locations can mean a lot of travelling. I would show them the major cities on the Eastern coast: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Brisbane has some of our most beautiful beaches and is always sunny.
Sydney is known all over the world: it held the Olympics in 2000 and it has the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Melbourne has a wonderful mix of cultures and foods. It has the largest sporting stadiums, large city parks and many old buildings from our past. Each city has a different style of music. Some cities like rock more than acoustics, some like pop more than dance music. Australians love the beach and sport. It would be very important for visitors to watch an Australian football game, to visit our beaches in the summer and enjoy a barbecue. In summer many Australians cook meals on the barbecue, we tell stories and jokes, cook our meat or seafood and meet friends and family.