Le document

Listen to the document three times.

Les éléments pour le compte rendu

Useful vocabulary
brew beer: brasser de la bière
coach: carrosse
inn: auberge
First Listening
Identify the speakers
Number of speakers
middle-aged/ elderly

Identify the subject
Pubs in England.
Second Listening
You have to pick out the key elements.
Activities/ Actions
Time markers
a local man
English pubs/ public houses
coaching inn
rooms for people to stay
brew beer
drink it
rest the horses
change the horses
serve food

Third Listening
You have to pick out more information about the pubs.
The Red/ Golden Lion
the George
The Carpenters_ Arms
the Lion and Fiddle
named after King George
Carpenters used to meet
there was a Lion Pub there and somebody used to go and play the fiddle
nearly all (the pubs) have a bit of history

A middle-aged man explains the history of pubs. There were two sorts of pubs – the ones where people drank beer and the ones where coaches stopped to change horses and people could eat or sleep. The speaker also lists examples of names of pubs such as the George in memory of King George or the Red Lion. He suggests that there is always a story about each pub.
Today, I want to talk to you about English pubs or public houses. Originally, there were two sorts of pub. The first was one where, a local man learnt how to brew beer and then people used to come into their house to buy beer and so all they did was sell beer, and people used to gather together to drink it. The other sort was the coaching inn, where the coaches used to stop to rest the horses or to change their horses with stables at the back and these also used to serve food and they had rooms for people to stay. There are many different traditional names for pubs in England. I_ll just name one or two for you so that you can see: there_s the Red Lion or the Golden Lion, the George, which was named after King George, The Carpenters_ Arms, where Carpenters used to meet, the Lion and Fiddle, probably there was a Lion Pub there and somebody used to go and play the fiddle. Then there was the Prince of Wales Pub _ nearly all have a bit of history.