Le document

Listen to the document three times.

Les éléments pour le compte rendu

First Listening
Identify the speakers
Number of speakers

Identify the subject
Life in the Philippines and San Francisco for a Filipino
Second Listening
Pick out the key elements for the first two columns (people and places).
girl speaker
American father
Filipino mother
girl bilingual
Filipino teachers
at home
to States
San Francisco suburb + Daily City
= Filipino District
middle and high school

Third Listening
Pay attention to the details about activities, actions and time (dates/ age)
Activities/ Actions
Time (dates/ age)
spoke English
spoke Tagalog
Filipino stores, restaurants
speak Filipino
eat same food
see F. faces
went to
subject = Filipino heritage / history
+ subjects in Tagolog
when young
at early age
at 8

A girl born to an American father and Filipino mother talks about her early life in the Philippines and then in the States. She lived in the Philippines until she was 8 and although her parents spoke English at home, she learnt to speak the local language Tagalog with her nanny. In the States they settled in a Filipino District of San Francisco: Daily City. It_s like living in the Philippines with the same stores, restaurants, food and language. At school the girl even had Filipino teachers and had classes about Filipino history and even lessons in Tagalog.
So I was born in the Philippines to an American father, but my mother was Filipino. So at home we spoke English, but since I lived in the Philippines when I was young, I had a nanny and she spoke to me in Tagalog which is the language of the Philippines, and of course I was bilingual already at a very early age. And then at 8, we moved to the States to a suburb of San Francisco called Daily City. If you look on the map of outer, you know, greater SFO in the Bay area, there is a town called Daily City and it_s a very large Filipino community there, in fact they have Filipino stores, Filipino restaurants, people speak Filipino to each other and you don_t really feel like you_ve left the Philippines, because you eat the same food, you see the same Filipino faces all over. I went to middle school and high school there, and we had a couple of Filipino teachers, and we even had a subject called Filipino heritage, or Filipino history, I don_t remember, and there were even some subjects in Tagalog, in the language.